Contracts are the linchpin of most business transactions.  If you think about it, every single business deal, negotiation and agreement requires a legally binding contract.

If you can master how to create and write those contracts, you will always be in high demand.

About This Contract Management Certification Webinar

In this fast-paced webinar, you'll gain expert insight on how contracts and procurement can open the door to your success. 

In this webinar, you'll explore an insider’s view of:

  • The financial and legal benefits of being able to negotiate contracts effectively.
  • Tips on how to lower or eliminate risks when dealing with contracts.
  • Helpful strategies to effectively develop, negotiate and manage contracts and contracting relationships.
  • The benefits of contract management certification.

You'll also get an inside peek into our online Procurements & Contract Management Certificate taught by Brian Gatus.


brian_gatus.jpgThis Contracts and Procurement webinar features Brian P. Gatus. Brian is recognized by the National Contract Management Association as a Certified Professional Contracts Manager and is Principal Manager of Supply Chain Management for Edison Material Supply. Brian has a proven track record of success in leveraging spend, optimizing procurement controls, minimizing risk and improving product quality. With an MBA and over 18 years of public and private sector experience, his areas of expertise include sourcing of various IT/OT hardware and software, complex contract negotiations, logistics, and execution of business process improvements.