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Why Continue with OSU?


Flexible Format Taught by Expert Instructors

Oregon State University Credential

100% Online

Year-Round Start Dates


Professional Development with Oregon State University

We know progress means different things to different people. But for most individuals and organizations, progress really comes down to the same thing: movement toward a goal or destination. 

For individuals, we offer programs and workshops that are flexible, accessible and affordable.

For organizations, we offer training in a wide array of fields. Plus, each of our customized course experiences are built to align with your company's unique project, goals and culture for sustained impact. 

Oregon State's Professional and Continuing Education 

Oregon State’s Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) offers more than 100 short courses taught by Oregon State faculty and/or industry-based instructors. 

To fuel your passion and gain job-relevant skills in weeks, check out the full list of OSU continuing education certificates and join the thousands of students who have learned from our industry experts! 

Whether you're interested in building your communication skills, improving your garden, or developing your teaching skills, we have options for you. Plus these non-credit courses have no application fees and you are instantly admitted.

You can receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in a broad range of areas. You'll learn from Oregon State University faculty and/or industry-based instructors with years of experience, and you'll network with others working in your field. 

What Would You Like to Learn?