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Oregon State Grow Your Career Webinar Series:
10 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro


According to experts, your best opportunity for a raise is when you are pursuing a new job.

When you are offered a new role, you have more power and leverage than you will as a current employee. That is why being able to negotiate during the interview process is one of the most efficient ways to raise your salary.

However, negotiating can be incredibly stressful.

Join us in this webinar and learn from Yuliya Dennis, OSUAA alumni career services director, how to successfully negotiate your salary.

If you would like to be more confident and more successful during the negotiation process, we encourage you to attend this webinar!

Negotiation is like any other skill - it can be mastered with a little insight and teaching.

Webinar Highlights:

By the end of the webinar, you will know:

  1. How to negotiate your salary and other perks.
  2. How to identify key negotiation principles.
  3. How to ask and get what you want.

Webinar Presenter:

Yuliya Dennis


Yuliya Dennis serves as the Director of Alumni Career Services at Oregon State University (OSU) Alumni Association. She manages and oversees career programs for over 200,000 OSU alumni. She joined the OSU Alumni Association Nov. of 2016 and loves the association’s mission and her role. She serves as the Assistant Vice President of Mentor Programs for Alumni Career Services Network (ACSN). Yuliya received her BA in History, and her M.Ed in College Student Services Administration from OSU.

Her motto is: Engage in what matters and support others in engaging in what matters to them.



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This webinar is brought to you by Oregon State University's Alumni Association and Professional and Continuing Education.

The Alumni Association provides alumni with a variety of career development resources. Professional and Continuing Education offers Oregon State short courses and certificates nationally and internationally, which can help in obtaining a promotion or starting in a new field. 

Learn the Key Negotiation Essentials!