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Webinar Series:

10 Ways to Access LinkedIn's Hidden Job Market

LinkedIn now has 500 million users. 

As Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn's founder wrote, you can strengthen your professional network by building powerful alliances and maintaining a diverse mix of relationships. 

So, maintaining your relationships and being able to search the 
10 million active job posts, makes LinkedIn invaluable. 

But what you might not have thought about is that recruiters and hiring managers are also using the site to hunt for candidates.

Knowing how to maximize your profile and tap the LinkedIn job market can be your secret to landing your next great job!

About This Webinar:

In this webinar on maximizing LinkedIn, you'll learn:

  1. How to identify 10 ways to access the hidden job market via LinkedIn.
  2. How to create and maintain an effective profile.
  3. Practical application tips for managing LinkedIn contacts

LinkedIn is an amazing professional development tool that can take you far in your career. Learn how to best use it for great results. 

Webinar Cohosts:

This exciting event will be co-hosted by OSU's Yuliya Dennis and Recruitment Specialist Bruce Hohensee.

Yuliya Dennis


Yuliya Dennis provides career services to over 180,000 OSU alumni, and personally mentors hundreds with one-on-one counseling to achieve professional and developmental goals. Yuliya received her BA from Oregon State University in History, and her M.Ed in College Student Services Administration from OSU.

Her motto: Engage in what matters and support others in engaging in what matters to them.

Bruce Hohensee 

Bruce-Hohensee.pngBruce Hohensee is President of Talent Driven Consulting, a firm specializing in solving recruitment challenges for our clients. Their purpose is to assist clients to effectively find and hire people who fit with the culture of their organization. They want each team member to be able to take pleasure in contributing effectively to his or her company’s success.



This webinar is brought to you by the OSU Alumni Association, which provides OSU alumni with a variety of career development assistance

Learn How to Harness & Leverage LinkedIn