How to Adapt to Google's 2016 Paid Search Result Changes

(The Adwords Shake-up)

Kate-LinkedIn.jpgPresented by Kate Morris | Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Outspoken Media

Kate is an instructor for our Digital Brand Management Certificate.

In the world of digital marketing, effective management of pay-per-click ad campaigns is one of the most in-demand skills. And despite rapid gains by Facebook and others, Google remains the undeniable leader of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with its AdWords paid search advertising service. For many businesses and organizations, AdWords offers almost instant – and targeted - online visibility with a relatively small investment.

After rocking the marketing world with changes to its organic search algorithm in 2015, Google made major changes this year to its AdWords paid search results – the great “Adwords Shake-up.” Google altered ad layouts, streamlining offerings in ways that could make marketers and businesses rethink strategy. New and experienced marketers alike, as well as organizations, will benefit from knowing how to optimize paid search strategies for Google’s new paid search results format. Early analysis suggests these changes could make your paid search strategy a little more expensive – but also potentially far more effective.

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