Learn to Code and Web Design Courses


Presented by Kevin Hanegan | Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Qlik Technologies.

Let's face it, web development and coding skills are no longer just for those with computer science backgrounds. Demand for web development know-how is exploding across industries - from business to education and non-profits, and in settings ranging from startups to large enterprises. Our interest in educating, shopping and collaborating online (and increasingly on mobile devices) is creating new opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds. For example, professionals with backgrounds in graphic design, language, management and marketing are among those who have found new career pathways in web development and coding: While that may mean entirely new careers for some, others have seen their existing roles advance to address technology needs within their respective organizations. Because of their unique backgrounds, professionals who add developer skills to their repertoire often bring a broader perspective to their work that employers highly value.  

Like other technology-driven career opportunities, opportunities for developers tend to evolve rapidly. This webinar is meant to provide a quick, informative overview of the current landscape for advancement-minded professionals interested in adding coding and web development to their skills mix, as well as for technology pros interested in adding particular skills that make their resumes stand out. Kevin will provide a road map for new career opportunities in web development and coding, with a framework that builds on your unique career strengths. Don't miss out!