We often give little thought to the everyday communication that comprises our contemporary workplaces. However, business writing, when done well, improves your professionalism and helps separate you from your coworkers.

About This Business Writing Skills Webinar

In this webinar on "you-attitude" in business writing, you'll learn:

  • Insights that can help ensure your workplace emails help present you and your organization in the best light possible
  • How to craft your message in a way that prioritizes your time and your audience
  • How to sound more professional in your workplace communication
  • More about our upcoming Business Writing Skills class


clare-writing-osu-writing.pngThis business writing webinar features Clare Braun, MFA, of Oregon State University's College of Liberal Arts and instructor for the online business writing course, School of Writing Literature and Film. Clare’s experience includes prominent work in the fields of public relations and finance. 

Clare Braun shows you how to carefully craft your messages in a way that prioritizes your audience.

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