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Welcome to Walk With Ease! 

You are registering for the self-guided program.

If you are interested in finding a group class near you, you can search for current and upcoming classes at http://walk.oregonstate.edu. Your local OSU Extension office is also a good resource. Please note that this program is only available to Oregon residents. 


How the self-directed program works:

1) You complete this registration form. Make sure you enter a good mailing address so we can send you your book!

2) Receive your book via mail or download the Kindle version. . You can expect to receive your book within approximately two weeks of registering for the program.

3) Read the book and use it as a tool to track your progress. You will set walking goals, keep track of how you feel on the days you walk, and learn tips and techniques to help you manage your walking and arthritis symptoms.

  • For more enjoyment and support, try walking with a friend! Just have your friend sign-up too so they can get their own FREE book!

4) Over the next 6 weeks we will send you weekly emails to guide you through the program. It's okay if you don't meet your walking goals at the very beginning, it can take a while to develop a new habit! It's important that you're taking the first step now. 

5) At the end of the program, you will receive an evaluation. Your feedback is critical and allows us to continue to obtain funding to offer Walk With Ease resources at no cost to you!

You will receive all of this information in a follow-up email. Please note: If your address is not entered correctly, we cannot mail you a book.

We are glad you're participating in Walk With Ease! Happy walking!

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